May 8, 2022

 🌹 Happy 1st Anniversary 🌹 

202158日に英語スクール「Foster English」をオープンしてから、おかげさまで1周年を迎えることが出来ました🌹












We're celebrating our 1st anniversary as Foster English. This past year has been a journey and a learning process for all of us.


Given the rise in the number and importance of English language schools in Japan today, we just want to express our appreciation and gratitude to all of our students who have chosen our school and build their English skills with us. We look forward to meeting those who would like to improve their English at our school as well.


As we continue to grow and develop our lessons to fit the various needs of all English learners, we strive to continue providing inspiring and challenging environments for our students to achieve their goals.


Thank you all and see you in the next lesson.