May 8, 2023

 🌹 Happy 2nd Anniversary 🌹 

おかげさまで、202358日をもって「Foster English」は2周年を迎えることが出来ました🌹













We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary at Foster English.


We are very grateful that students of all ages have joined our school over the past 2 years and we can celebrate this milestone with all of them.


As a teacher, I enjoy teaching such motivated, hard-working and talented students. Given the wide range of goals, skill-levels and time commitments, I know how hard it is to dedicate yourself to such a challenging undertaking.


Having the ability to communicate in English in today's world is a known necessity for all generations. We believe that providing practical knowledge, setting up a fun and active learning environment and focusing our students' lessons on their personal goals will give them the confidence to use English in their daily lives.


We want to thank everyone who has been with us and continues to be part of our learning community.

If you are interested in learning English and would like to know more about our school, please feel free to contact us.


Thank you all and see you in the next lesson🍀